What to Do If You Want to Try Different Sexual Experiments?

The reasons for searching are different. It happens that a third party appears in the bedroom. And this is a routine. Sometimes it comes for no reason, seemingly suddenly. And people begin to actively experiment. However, unfortunately, it happens that sexual experiments bring only deep disappointment instead of pleasure. What should be avoided to prevent such outcomes?

The Internet is a deep ocean of inspiration. Who has never seen a Catwoman-style latex suit during innocent online shopping? Moreover, people put it into practice. With a blush of embarrassment. To get positive emotions, you should use the recommendations below.



Latex suits aren’t for beginners. They should also be as better-fitting as possible.  Yes, this isn’t the type of material in which the skin breathes. It sweats with an intensity worthy of a good hit. The story with the latex jumpsuit is a discovery for those who know how to choose a size in an online store and are ready for the rather specific sounds that accompany the body frictions in the latex suit.

  1. Ice Cube

You can decide on another simple experiment in bed, which will cost you absolutely nothing. Freeze mineral water in ice molds, and in bed, start to move cubes on the partner’s body at the stage of foreplay. Remember that a woman’s breast is considered the most erogenous zone, and her nipples are especially sensitive. By the way, the same rule applies to men. Move the ice cube around your partner’s nipples, as well as over the inner thighs and solar plexus. The main thing is not to touch the genitals, otherwise, they can get cold.

  1. Original Ideas

Another example of experimentation in bed is the use of special accessories. To do this, you will have to first go to the nearest sex shop. After all, there you can find not only dildos but also numerous related products that can diversify your sexual life. You can try out unusually shaped condoms, various lubricants, edible underwear, penis attachments. For example, they sell glowing condoms. You have to admit, it will look very unusual and fascinating in the dark. The main thing is not to forget that it is better to go to such a store together. Just a visit to a sex shop will stir up a lot of passionate and bold thoughts.

  1. New Pose

No matter how banal this advice may seem at first glance, this version of sexual experiment has saved more than one family. Try to change the standard position in which you most often have sex. If your imagination isn’t enough, turn to the Kama Sutra or watch a new porn movie.

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