How to Implement Your Most Vulgar and Bold Desires?

Often, when talking about fantasies, they mean erotic scenes that we imagine on our mental “screen.” But fantasy can also be an idea, a feeling, an impression. The power of erotic fantasies is that they are deeply rooted in our psyche. In the form of fantasies, our subconscious desires, distorted to some extent by the protective mechanisms of the psyche, make themselves felt. But how to implement them and is it worth it?


Do not Rush

Motivators from the Internet encourage you to think less, do more, and generally get out of your comfort zone in every possible way. But you shouldn’t be sold on this when it comes to sexual fantasies. Give yourself time to think and decide how comfortable you feel, tune in to the right wave. This is especially necessary if the relationship with your partner has started recently and trust between you is just emerging.

  1. Be Open

Even if fantasy hasn’t left you for many years, it can be difficult to just talk about it. The most innocent desires are sometimes embarrassing and put in an awkward position since their very presence makes you vulnerable. A lot of questions arise: how will the partner react to this? It is especially difficult with fantasies in which you are not sure.

It’s important to remind yourself that your desires matter, and learning about them is one of the central aspects of understanding your own sexuality. Do not forget that you should also openly approach the partner’s fantasies, trying to think them over.

  1. Start With Dirty Talk

The dirty talk itself is a good prelude that lets you see how you feel about the next step. In a hot correspondence or conversation, discuss your actions as if you have already started to implement a sexual scenario. Describe how you are dressed, where you are, and what you are doing.

A pert conversation will either make you want more or make it clear that the idea looks attractive only in your head. It is also possible that you will stop only on dirty talk, satisfied with this way of propelling your sexual life. For example, monogamous couples can talk about threesomes as foreplay, while remaining physically faithful to each other.

  1. Fantasize While Masturbating

One of the easiest ways to check whether you like this fantasy is to play it while masturbating. Find a suitable video or immediately use your imagination. The moment of truth will come when you include yourself in the sexual scenario. It may turn out that the fantasy looks attractive from the outside, but you have no place in it. If the scenario has successfully passed the test, you can think about its implementation in reality.

  1. Take Small Steps

If the fantasy has passed the test of masturbation and dirty talks, it’s time to transfer it to reality. Try to determine what you and your partner like about fantasy. Play with the centerpiece without implementing the entire scenario.

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