5 Tips for Spending the Coolest Nights in Dubai

As night falls, the city is transformed. It is at this time of day that you can look at Dubai from a completely different angle. Skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, and streets light up the evening illumination, which at once changes the city and the image of it.

With the onset of the evening, life in Dubai doesn’t stop, but on the contrary, even gains momentum. Evening promenades in the city center and its known districts are very popular among tourists. Besides, enchanting music and light shows are held at this time of day.


Al Seef Beach Promenade

The peculiarity of this embankment is that one half of it is created in a modern style. On the other half of the embankment, ancient Arab architecture has been recreated. The stylized antique part of the Al Seef embankment reaches the historic Bastakiya district.

In the evening, the area is beautifully illuminated with lanterns. Numerous cafes and restaurants, as well as shops and hotels, are located on this embankment. In the evening, you and your beautiful companion can take a ride on tourist boats, decorated with colorful illumination.


Zabeel Park

As a place for an evening walk with your escort girl, you can choose one of the green parks of Dubai since there are plenty of them here. For example, you can focus on Zabeel Park. It is located in the city center, near the Emirates Towers. The entrance to the park is paid. You can get to the territory from 8 a.m. to 10-11 p.m.

In the evening, the Park is filled with lights, spectacularly illuminated all the buildings and sculptures on its territory. Zabeel Park has a lot of greenery, places to relax, and fountains of various shapes.


Singing Fountain and Light Show Near Burj Khalifa Tower

If you happen to visit Dubai, then perhaps one of the points in the route around the city should be the evening performances that take place in the Downtown area near the Burj Khalifa tower. This skyscraper in the evening becomes a platform for unusual light shows. They are held irregularly, and it is better to specify the time and date on the official website.

Another performance unfolding near the world’s tallest skyscraper is the singing fountain show. You can watch this grandiose music and light show every evening. Performances take place every 20-30 minutes. During the holidays, the schedule of the show program may change, so it is better to check it on the website before visiting.


Glowing Garden in Dubai

One of the unique man-made compositions was the Dubai Garden Glow opened in 2015. The uniqueness of this luminous architectural ensemble is that recycled materials were used to create such a large-scale installation.

The Glowing Garden has several themed areas where locations are updated every season. Music plays in the background of the park. Near a small artificial pond, there are live performances of artists: magicians, musicians, dancers. 


Global Village Fair

Global Village Dubailand is a set of pavilions representing different countries of the world, and, accordingly, their culture. In such pavilions, you can buy a variety of authentic souvenirs and national symbols of countries. The fair offers cafes and restaurants, rides, and a variety of free entertainment performances. In the evenings, you and your gorgeous companion can watch the music and light show of dancing fountains Aqua Fantasia on the territory of the fair.

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